Betamax is a German telecommunication company proposing a palette of voip softwares under different names.
It began its activity in 2005 with the first byproduct of the series: voipbuster.

Betamax is originally a company of marketing which developed offers voip to give them a more and more important success.

Their model business is simple: open a new voip service with very tempting offers at a market price towards a choice of destinations (they sell moreover often at a loss at the launch of the product) then they increase little by little the prices to arrive at a gain on all the destinations.
In the meantime they re-launched a new by-products to attract new customers and so on.

Betamax has to goals in proceeding in this way:
• Attract a big number of users by the practised price lists and thus have an important finance asset, considering that all produces are prepaid.

• Be always the cheaper with its by-products and towards its competitors.
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It is also important to note that the sold minutes are charged to the minute, what increases the real price of the cost of the minute for the customer.

If you make 100 calls towards French motives (EUR 0.05 / min) with smartvoip and if you fall on the vocal messaging, every call(appeal) will make 3 seconds.

The charged amount will be of EUR 5.-, while the total duration of the communications is only of 300 seconds (5 minutes). What makes an amount of EUR 1.-/min.

It is of course an extreme example there. By using the products of Betamax, you are certain to realize substantial savings on your costs of telephony.